Foot Stomping Gospel

Foot Stomping Gospel Band

A classic blues and gospel band performing music from the 20th century. The band members share their stories of faith throughout the evening.

The Origin Orchestra
Scotland & South Africa

Origin Orchestra

Made up of a mix of professional and talented amateurs, the orchestra plays both in its own right at Symphonic Praise and as part of the band for contemporary worship and outreach events..

The Cape Town Gospel Choir
South Africa

Cape Town Gospel Choir

Our partner ministry, the Cape Town Gospel Choir performs at Origin events both small and large scale, in churches and concert halls, sharing the Gospel and promoting racial reconciliation in South Africa

The Origin Choir

Origin Choir

New in 2022, the choir sings at larger-scale worship and outreach events such as Symphonic Praise and Christmas or Easter. Also available for smaller scale local events.

The Origin Band
Scotland & South Africa

Origin Band

Our house band plays for our praise & worship, and outreach events, both small and large-scale, often alongside orchestral musicians or full orchestra.

The Origin Big Band

Origin Big Band

New in 2023, the Origin Big Band plays live jazz music in evenings which blend contemporary and classic big band tunes mixed in with personal life stories.

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