Choirmaster (Glasgow)

Edinburgh, Fri 10 October, 2014

Origin Scotland is looking for an experienced volunteer choirmaster to run rehearsals for our Glasgow choir.

Any interested parties please contact us with details of previous experience in training choirs and musical qualifications.

The individual needs to be a Christian in good standing in their local church, and must be willing to provide references.

Rehearsals would be in Glasgow at a time to suit.

It would be helpful if the individual had good keyboard/piano skills.

For more information, please email us at or call 0131 208 0095.


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Origin Scotland is a Christian ministry based in Edinburgh, Scotland. Founded in 1997, Origin exists to promote unity in the Church and outreach to the world, and is overseen by recognised Christian leaders in the City. Origin's Council of Reference includes Mr George Verwer, Rt Rev Frank Retief, Rev Peter Grainger and others. Origin South Africa was founded in 2005 to serve God in Cape Town, South Africa. Origin Ministries USA was founded in 2012, to support Origin's work in Europe and Africa.

Origin is involved in hosting and promoting Christian events, and in publishing church guides both online and in print, and in providing quality design to Christian organisations at a fraction of commercial rates.

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